Tapestry wall hanging

Tapestry Wall Hanging Decoration

Tapestry wall hanging for bedroom or for your living room? We have all kind of tapestry with prints from nature.. till space and back true the wildlife!
Why Tapestry UK shop if we can send cheap & easely wall tapestry to the UK or Ireland, Belgium and even Spain! Order online easily your cheap tapestries!

Nature Tapestries:

Bring nature into your home with a choice of different wall hangings with nature as print. Special Nature wall Tapestries hangings also give a lot of inner peace.

Bohemian Tapestries:

Bohemian style Tapestries, Bohémien is a French word for the gypsies in France who claim they came from Bohemia. They opposed materialism and were committed to freedom, individualism and creativity. The clothing style they wore got the name Bohemian clothing style.

Mandala Tapestries:

The Mandala wall hanging Tapestries fits itself in any room. The mandala is a plan, map or geometric pattern that metaphysically or symbolically depicts the cosmos in Tibetan art and Tibetan Buddhism.